Step into Seoul and Win a Trip for 2!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey Seoul Eats Readers!
My friends are launching an interactive movie about Seoul, where the viewers will have a chance to win a trip for two to Korea!  Here's the info and be sure to share it with others.


Step into Seoul
a 24 hour epic adventure

Step into Seoul’ is an online experience where one navigates Seoul's greatest landmarks and attractions through an interactive movie with four selected facebook friends. The plot for this movie includes 11 mini-adventures, where the main character will be following a series of clues instructed by their friends, to complete scavenger hunt-like tasks. This virtual exploration is meant to stir the imagination of travelers, and put the viewers in an experience of a visitor having an exciting 24 hour adventure in the city of Seoul. Once the viewer completes the movie, the traveler will have a chance to win a trip to Korea, along with one selected friend from the movie, where the real adventure begins. Link onto the Visit Seoul facebook page, and click on ‘Step into Seoul’ tab to participate!

Direct link:

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