A Walking Martini


It's a day of snow in Seoul.
One of many I don't know.
It came late last night and blanketed the walks.
It awaited us in the morning as we woke.
One cup of coffee to get going.
A hot shower for strength.
I layered myself for the impending freeze.
I wish I had more practical shoes.
Walking in the snow in sneakers is like balancing a tray of martinis.
The glass designed for elegance
and to maintain micro crystals of ice isn't too practical
I imagine I will tumble my contents on the icy walk, splitting my head and sending splinters of pain into my backside.
I walk flatfooted.
I walk without friction.
I walk while counterbalancing the slosh of ice.
I ignore the buzz of my phone and walk like a server carrying a tray of martinis to guests- fearing ridicule.

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