My Tarot Future and My Plans for 2012

I am not a superstitious person, but sometimes weird stuff does happen to me. Last year I dropped a knife on my sandaled foot and the knife went right between my first and second toe. I also found a picture of an old friend hidden in a book I thought I had lost in a bag that was in a box marked CDs. I also called my telephone company to complain about a problem with my Internet. I was in a ripe mood and I wanted to blame the poor telephone operator for all of the problems in the world, but she calmly and professionally calmed me down. When I gave my name she excitedly asked me if I had taught in Gyeongju. I said yes and I discovered this was one of my favorite students and now she has a good position at the company. Life is full of unexpectedness.

I went to a tarot reader and these are my cards for the year. The woman said stuff like, you'll be successful, you'll earn lots of money, blahblahblah. The one thing she said that caught my attention was that she said that I needed to focus on myself in 2012. If I didn't then I would be destined to be alone and unhappy. that what my cards say?

2011 was been a blur. This year I have focused on building our company, O'ngo Food Communications, into a sustainable business. It's been growing well and I am hopeful for next year. It's nice to know that in this day and age, if someone has a dream and a vision, they can still create a business.

Here are a list of accomplishments I am most proud of in 2011:

  • LSG Sky Chef's Culinary Tour

  • Doing the food tour for PF Chang's

  • Introducing Korean food to many people on our Dining Tours

  • Working with Suji Park of Suji's Restaurant

  • Writing the monthly food columns for Seoul Magazine

  • Helping with the Korean Food Contest at

  • Appearing weekly on Arirang Radio to talk about my favorite topic: Korean food

  • Co-writing an OECD report on Culinary Tourism in Korea

  • Working with Daeahn Sunim of Balwoo Gongyang Restaurant

  • Appearing on the Kimchi Chronicles!

  • Organizing a trip to Gimpo with the Seoul Eats Meetup Group

  • Working with COEX Korea Food Expo doing food tours for them

  • Discovering that I would soon be an uncle

  • Buying curtains for my mother's new house

  • Connecting with people all over the world because of our mutual love of Korea and Korean food

Here are my goals for 2012

  • Travel to Vietnam

  • Buy lots of cute stuff for my niece

  • Write a couple of books

  • Write more creatively

  • Be nicer to my friends

  • Exercise at least 3 2 times a week

  • Learn to build ipod applications

  • Learn more Korean

  • Be nicer to people at my company

  • Make O'ngo more successful

  • Find true love (I know...cheesy, but don't we all?)

My Tarot Reading for 2012

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