Review: Sloe Bistro

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Review written and photographed by Yunmay

Review: Sloe Bistro

I’ve been to Sloe Bistro a number of times now, for lunch, dinner, and the New Year’s Eve party. And each time I have thought, I should tell more people about this place.

Sloe used to be Eco Deli in Cheongdam-dong. The owner is a wine aficionado, so the restaurant has a great selection of wines at really reasonable prices. For lunch, they have a fantastic set menu for two people for 17,000 won, which includes a pasta, a pizza, and coffee/tea. I usually get the gorgonzola pizza which comes with honey for dipping. For dinner, Sloe’s menu includes fusion tapas, pizza, pasta, and meats. I recommend the lamb, which is tender and juicy and perfectly cooked.

Sloe has been pretty quiet each time I’ve visited (except New Year’s); I think the location is a bit odd so it doesn’t get much street traffic. (It's in the basement of a building in an area full of plastic surgery hospitals.) The decor and atmosphere is date-night nice, but not stuffy. If you happen to be near Apgujeong station and hungry, check it out!

Sloe Bistro 비스트로 슬로애

When did you visit? December 2011
Who did you go with? Wife/Partner

Rating:  **** 4 Stars: One of the finest eats in the city of Seoul (and possibly the world)
강남구 신사동 591번지 02-545-7448
$ 10- 20 USD
Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong 591bonji 02-545-7448

Directions: (From Apgujeong station, take exit 3 and walk about 300 meters. The entrance is just after Paris Baguette.)

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