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I love American diner food. It's home style, hearty and delicious. Te other day when my sister and I were out we decided to stop at Randy's Family Restaurant.

The interior is comfortable, nothing flashy; it's clean and homey. We sat in a booth and we were promptly greeted by the waitress and I asked for her recommendations. She said that the house specialties were: blackened grouper, meatloaf, the seafood chowder and the key lime pie. Since I had not been back in the states for a year, I ordered the meatloaf with a side salad and apple sauce. My sister got the jalapeño shrimp poppers and the seafood chowder.

Her chowder came out first and it is creamy and had nice chunks of shrimp, clams, and other fish. The creamy broth was thick and a bit heavy. The small chowder was damn big. I don't think I could have finished it all and my sister didn't either. The battered and fried shrimp were nice as well and had a medium level of spice in a butter sauce.

My meal started with a salad that had a "Greek Dressing." The Greek dressing was oil and vinegar with some feta cheese. I needed a salad and this was fine. The meatloaf was great. It was first baked in the oven so the top was crisp and then it was cooked on the flattop and topped with gravy. Again sizable and the savory flavor of gravy, garlic and onions was perfect. It was a nice home style meatloaf.

For dessert, the key lime pie was just right. It was more like a cheesecake so it was creamy, tart, and sweet. A bit too sweet for me, but still good.

The price is right, the food is good, and service just right. We walked out for $29 bucks with tip.

Randy's Restaurant website:
106 ave I Se.
Winter Haven, FL 33880
ph: 863-875-5531

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