And the Winner of the Restaurant Review Contest is...

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that participated in the restaurant review contest. We got some good reviews and it helped others find other great restaurants. I really appreciate your contributions because I would really like to make Seoul Eats the site for foodies to tell others in the community about how to find the best eats in the city.

Duckconfetti introduced us to: Review: Masterful French Cuisine at Bien-être

CheeseLover wrote about: Burger B in Hongdae which brought quite a bit of controversy.

Troyeatz contributed a number of posts including about Taco Taco Chili Chili, the now defunct Taco Amigo, Smokey Saloon, and The awesome O' Taco

Rikey Spicy wrote about 원터골 통갈비 (Wontuhgol-tonggalbi): Where have you been all my life?!

Two Miguks wrote about Feel Good Italian Food at Cat on the Oven

Yunmay wrote about Sloe Bistro

And of course, my Seoul Eats partner, Dustin Cole contributed a number of reviews, but he is ineligible for the prize. Plus, he has been tweaking the design of the blog. I would like to personally say thanks.

Now through a very scientific process (I put your names on a piece of paper according to the number of reviews that you wrote and put the mess into my hat and picked out one), I have picked a winner. The winner of the Valentine's Day Dinner is Two Miguks! So...please email me and I will arrange for you to get your prize.

Thank you everyone for participating and please continue to contribute. I plan on having more prizes in the future. You can contribute by using this simple form. 

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