Quick Bites: Baby Guinness

These days I feel a bit trapped by format. I think this is why I haven't been posting as much. So I am going to write short posts via iPhone and later I will elaborate further when I can get to my computer.

So... Let's get started.

Over the weekend I went to Baby Guinness in Itaewon for brunch. I went on a Sunday and we got there around 11:30 (that's when they opened). I got a very spicy bloody Mary and the Guinness stew. The stew was good. It was hearty and you could definitely taste the Guinness. It came with a large side of mashed potatoes and a roll as well (which were both great for dipping into the stew). My friends got burgers and eggs. The fish n chips are really good.

My only complaint was that the food takes a long time to come out. My friend that ordered a cheese omelette got her order halfway through our meal. It was big, but something that should have been the last to come out.

Baby Guinness is located behind Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.





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