Where to Watch the Superbowl 2012

It’s that time of year again, SUPER BOWL XLVI!!!  In case you have a hard time following American football due to that whole different time zone thing, this year the New England Patriots will be going toe to toe with the New York Giants.  The game is on Monday and if you’re willing to wake up early, the following watering holes will be playing the game live; if you’re not willing to wake up early, a few of them will be replaying it in the evening as well.

Beer O’Clock (Sinchon, Seoul)-A replaying of the game starts at 8 pm.  www.beeroclock.ca

Sam Ryan’s (Itaewon, Seoul)-Doors will be opening for the live game at 7am and they will also be replaying the game at 7pm.  www.samryans.com

3 Alley Pub (Itaewon, Seoul)-Doors open at 7am for a live screening, they will be offering a breakfast deal for ₩ 13,000 and the booze will be flowing.  www.3alleypub.com

Rocky Mountain Tavern (Itaewon, Seoul)-Doors for the live game will open at 8am while kickoff is at 8:30, they will also be replaying the game at 8pm.  www.rockymountaintavern.com

Wolfhound Pub (Itaewon, Seoul)-The game will be shown live at 8:30am with Bloody Mary’s being sold at a special price and the kitchen will be open.  The game will also be replayed at 7:30pm.   www.wolfhoundpub.com

The Park (Jung-dong, Bucheon)-A replaying of the game will begin at 8:30pm, they will have food specials on chicken wings, burgers, and nachos including a free pint of beer with a food purchase and discounted pitchers.  They will also be playing a squares game with monetary prizes at the end of each quarter.  010-3136-0153

Scrooge Pub & Sports Bar (Itaewon, Seoul)-They will be serving breakfast during the game and the doors open at 7am. 02-797-8201

Yaletown (Sinchon, Seoul)-Party begins at 8am with an American style breakfast.  02-333-1605

SinBin Sports Pub (Itaewon, Seoul)-Doors open at 6:30am and the game will replayed at 6:30pm.  There will be a full breakfast menu and whatever drinks your little heart desires including Irish coffee and Bloody Mary’s.  They will also be playing the squares game.  http://www.facebook.com/events/334411599913445/

The Cantina (Daejon)-The game will be replayed at 10pm with a ₩ 10,000 breakfast, ₩ 500 buffalo wings, and ₩ 2,000 beer.  http://www.facebook.com/events/226452427435538/

If you know of anywhere else to watch the game, feel free to add it to the list under the comment section.

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