Airplane Food from United Air


So what you will notice from my meals on United Air is the lack of honey roasted peanuts. Seriously, what is up with that. Just because a few people might end up going into anaphlylatic shock doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer.

Anyway, I decided to be different and I ordered the vegetarian meal instead of the regular one. Although I was a bit upset when they announced dinner would be bulgogi or general tso's chicken, my spirits picked up when I saw my meal of Indian curry and basmati rice. It was very good and I think it might have been what the business and first class people were eating because I saw their menu as I was leaving the plane.

The rest of the meals were fine (except I was served a hot turkey and cheese as my last course). One of my snacks was a nice feta veggie pita.

I might do veggie option again on my next trip.





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