Biking along the Han River

The Han River is, IMHO, the most beautiful outdoor area in Seoul. To be sure, Seoul can boast many gorgeous parks and lush mountains, but for me, the Han reigns supreme. Perhaps because I spent the good majority of my last 26 years on San Diego's beaches, I appreciate the sound of running water. Also as I watch the sunset over the Han I can pretend I'm watching the sunset over the Pacific. (What the hell am I doing in Korea?)

We took the bus to Express Bus Terminal Station (line 2) (고속터미널역) and walked north until we hit the river. From there we walked west along the river for about 20 minutes and found some beat up looking bikes and rented 1 single for 3,000₩ /hr and 1 tandem for 6,000₩ /hr. Be sure to ride some around, check the air in the tires, and choose the best one. Also I couldn't fit my moderately lengthed legs on the rear seat (I'm 5"10', or for those of you who have been in Korea too long, 177cm"). The first tandem I chose was really a lemon and probably would have killed us. Unfortunately the second one turned out to be uncomfortable too and by the time we all got back our asses were rubbed out. All you need is some cash and an ID. One ID for 2 bikes worked for us.

We biked from Express Bus Terminal to the 63 building before we turned back. It only took us about an hour and there were no real challenging areas. Pretty flat the whole way.

My apologies for the picture quality here. I forgot my camera and had to use my phone. Update: got a couple pics with the slr.

The famous-for-no-reason 63 building.

We also happened to run into the Seoul Opera Festival. It was playing next to these three new buildings. I can't seem to find what they are on the web so if anyone has any info please pass it along. But as the opera festival was going on one of the buildings did a pretty fantastic light show. Check out the video.

Here's another post about riding along the Han River.

What else does the Han offer? For some information from Wikipedia look here. Here's a short list off the top of my head:

- Bike Rentals
- Basketball courts, volleyball courts, grass fields
- Convenience stores aplenty
- Water Fountain Bridge (only one in the world that I know of)
- 63 building
- River boat tours (did this last year on my birthday)

One my goals is to explore the Han more this summer. So as I explore I'll be sure to write some more.

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More pictures can be found here.
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