Caramel Waffles at Homestead Coffee are the bomb

Admittedly, I am a coffee snob. Like Dennis Leary I like coffee-flavored coffee and maybe a cookie to accompany it. So I was a bit suspicious about the waffles when there was a large queue of people waiting to get them at Homestead coffee.

The waffles are worth it. No, they are not homemade ( they start out as little frozen squares of dough) but they are baked up in a waffle press and go well with their dark coffee (which is coffee flavored). At 2,500 a piece, they are dang good. They are warm and they have a light caramel glaze on it which doesn't need lots of butter, whipped cream or other junk.

The ones I got were from the Paju Premium Outlets but I assume you can get these waffles at other Homestead Coffees around Seoul.








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