Fast Recap of Food: Thai Suicides While Setting The Table









Here is a fast recap of food observations I have made in the last few days.

/ Acai berries and juices are at Costco. The super fruit is available frozen and in juice form.
/ Paris Baguette is now serving wine at some of their cafe locations. This one is over by Sinsa Station exit 4.
/ Paris Baguette (and other monster corporations like CJ) are under attack in the Korean media for undercutting local bakeries and forcing them out of business. This came to light as there have been recent reports of small business owners committing suicide because their businesses have failed.
/ Yum Thai in Sinsadong still has delicious food. Their Penang beef is thick and outstanding and so is their Tom Ka Gao (I think that is correct, their coconut chicken soup). They are looking for English speaking staff. If you know anyone send me an email.
/ JeJe Coffee in HBC has 1 kilo bags of coffee for those that want to special order. It is quite good.
/ Set the Table in Insadong has good Korean food in a fancier setting despite their ridiculous name. The lunch course was 15,000 won a person for a 6 course meal.

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