Fat Foodie: Day 8 and 9: Half Ennui




Day 8:

Breakfast: eggs with salad and a whole wheat roll and coffee.

Snack: Large cup of fresh squeezed OJ.

Lunch: 4 Krystle's hamburgers with fries and a diet coke.

Dinner: Barbecued Pork over rice with soy sauce pickles, pickled radish, salad, and chocolate souffle.

Exercise: I ran 5 km in the morning and swam.

Day 9:

Breakfast: coffee and one glazed Krispie Kreme donut

Lunch: Jimmy John's Italian Sub

Dinner: leftover spaghetti from carrabas. Salmon sandwich.

Snack: ice cream coke float, 2 beers. 1 pickled egg.

Exercise : ran 30 minutes on the treadmill and swam 10 laps.

I could have done better on my diet but the temptations of all the food in America is starting to win. I have been mainly snacking so I haven't eaten lots of food. I hosted another Korean dinner party on day 8 and this was fun. I marinated thin pork chops in a Korean chili paste marinade and made lots of Korean side dishes. The star of the evening was the soy sauce pickles- everyone loved these.

I went to Krystles Hamburgers. I don't understand why people make such a big deal out of these. They are just steamed hamburgers that have some onion and mustard. Plus my roll was a bit soggy which made it gross.

The food highlight for me in the last two days was the Jimmy John's Italian Sub. The meats were high quality and the bread was really flavorful. I am definitely going to go back there before I go home.


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