Fat Foodie: Press to Restart





Hi, my name is Dan and I am addicted to food. I think it started as a boy while growing up poor in Korea and I didn't have much food. When I was adopted to America, I began hoarding food. This wasn't so bad while I was growing and while I was more active. But as I got older, the weight started to accumulate. While by some people's standards, I am not fat but I feel unhealthy.

In America,during my vacation, I exercised often and I lost a bit of weight. While back to my hectic life in Seoul, I have gained it all back with a few extra pounds.

Yesterday, I joined a gym and I am planning on exercising regularly (I hate wasting money as well) and I plan on eating better. So...while the site will still focus on food, you might see stuff that is a tad healthier (that is after I post about all the bad stuff I ate before.)

It must be spring because I want to feel lighter.

My weight is 174 pounds (79 kilograms). My goal is 155 pounds (68 kilograms).


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