Fat Foodie: Seoul Return (Day 17)



I am back home and I am not exercising as much as I was at home. I mean it makes sense because I am now back to work, there is gym or pool nearby, I am back to food I missed and I am getting over Jetlag.

On my flight over I ate too much on the plane and then didn't really move for the 18 hours I was on the plane. I did eat the veggie option on the flight over so I think that was marginally healthier.

Once I landed I came home and had some yukgyejang (spicy beef stew) and a butterscotch krimpet and then went to bed. I am sure I walked a bit but the dreary Seoul weather wouldn't inspire anyone to go out and exercise vigorously. The next day I woke up and did 20 minutes of aerobic exercises such as running in place, jumping jacks, push ups and such and I burned about 100 calories. I worked up a little sweat and headed out.

Since it was my first day back in Korea, I had kimchi chiggae (stew) for breakfast and then went to work where I had a lot of catching up to do. That day I had a food tour to give in the afternoon and evening. the one problem with the evening tour is that there is a little drinking involved which is not good for those dieting.

You would think that this would be devastating for a fat foodie trying to diet but I realized that I really don't eat much at all and we walk quite a bit. for the day I ended up walking 6652 steps which works out to be around 280 calories.

The following day I woke up and got ready for work. It was a bit scary for me because I was asked to interview for a Korean Men's magazine about my job as a foodie in Seoul. They thought (and I agree) that educating travelers about Korean food and helping to run a cooking school was a cool job. The interview was not scary, the photoshoot was. They did my hair and makeup and then dressed me up. They made me wear a pink Calvin Kline jacket and pose holding up a dead crab. Again, the pictures not scary, but it was personally devastating trying on the clothes they brought and realizing I did not quite fit in them.

I need to exercise more. I need to find a gym nearby and go to it regularly.

Summary of the last two days:

Exercise: 70 minutes of aerobic exercise to burn 375 calories.

Notable meals:

Breakfast: kimchi stew with rice, mugwort rice cake.

Lunch: Company meal (rice and side dishes), Bon Bibimbap

Dinner: bites of barbecue and snacks while doing the food tours, rice and kimchi.

Snacks: 2 butterscotch krimpets, many small handfulls of chocolate covered pomegranates, a croissant, (yikes, this is not good!)

Weight: unknown. I need to buy a scale.






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