Starbucks Blonde Willow Blend



Starbucks has introduced a new lighter roasted coffee called Blonde Willow Blend. This coffee is supposed to be lighter and more floral than the dark (some say overly roasted) brew they are famous for.

Contrary to popular belief, lighter roasts do not mean that it will have less caffeine. Some even suggest it would have more.

Out of the bag, the beans look more brown than black and it has a slightly chocolate aroma. Using my trusty hand grinder I prepared a batch.

The beans do look a bit lighter and there is a bright, acidic scent. What I mean is that it doesn't have that heaviness of smoke and roast that I typically associate with Starbucks.

The taste is subtle. It's not weak. It is like diner coffee in a posh environment. There are floral notes and a bit of a tea finish. It's an enjoyable cup and I think it might have slightly more caffeine than other brews.

It's a good coffee to have around for company.

Also, I read that this coffee is made drip. Apparently, it gets a muddy flavor in French press.


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