Taco Sherpa: Korean Food Truck in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

I think if I was in the states, this is what I would have loved to have done: start up a food truck. It just sounds like an adventure: cruising the streets, stopping and cooking some good food, meeting good people and then driving off to the next spot. In my past life, I worked in the restaurant industry and I really enjoyed it.

Another person that I have had an opportunity to meet while working at O'ngo Food Communications is Whit Altizer. He came and took several cooking classes at our school with Chef Hyejin. He then went back to Chattanooga, Tennessee to open up a taco truck called Taco Sherpa.

As you can see from the pictures of the truck, it looks awesome. The food looks awesome as well. I really like the idea that he is adding tofu bulgogi for vegans. It makes sense and I think I would enjoy eating it as well.

The design of the truck, website, logos, shirts: everything looks very polished as well. I think that this is a concept that will take off and soon (hopefully) there will be a fleet of these trucks and a couple of stores.

The journey hasn't been easy. Apparently, the truck was stolen. Luckily it was found. I guess it is hard to hide a big food truck plastered with logos.

Here is a letter that Whit wrote me a while back:



Hey Dan.
I lived in Gwangju for 4 years and came up to O'ngo a few times for cooking classes. I learned lots and enjoyed my classes there. You guys were very friendly and accommodating. I wish you guys were still only 4 hrs north of me.

Anyway, our truck is called Taco Sherpa and we are doing Korean tacos. I am taking the dakgalbi and pork galbi recipes I learned at O'ngo and putting them into tacos. The plan is to do the dakgalbi the same and braise the pork. Also I am doing tofu in bulgolgi marinades and serving them in a corn tortilla. I plan on making a Korean slaw for the tacos and experimenting with cabbage kimchi. We also plan on offering bibimbap, but we haven't ironed that down yet. 

Right now, I only have the FB and Twitter page but will have a website up soon. I'll let you know. 

O'ngo definitely helped. We're pumped about bringing Korean flavors to Chattanooga. It isn't all that popular here, but I did find a Korean grocery with lots of things we have missed from Korea.

I'll be in touch. 



Whit, we all wish you luck.

Follow his adventures on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TacoSherpa

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taco-Sherpa/369235343098524

Website: http://www.tacosherpa.com/


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