Food Specials at Le Saint Ex in Itaewon

Here are some food specials over at Le Saint Ex in Itaewon 20120512-140856.jpgAnyway, since you asked it to me a while ago, in case you are still interested, our specials of the week at Saint-Ex :
Specials for the week / spéciaux de la semaine / 이본주 스페셜 메뉴:

Soupe de petits pois
English peas creamy soup 9500W
그리미 완두콩 스프

Vol au vent de fruits de mer
Vol au vent pastry stuffed with creamy seafood 13500W
해산물 그림 스튜 들어간 파스츄리

Entrecôte grillée à l’echalotte et beurre vigneron, tomate grappe à la provencale et frites maison30000W
Ribeye steak with shallots and red wine butter, roasted vine tomatoes and home made French fries
샬롯과 와인 버터소스 등심 스테이크, 홈메이드 프렌치 프라이

Parillada de poissons grillés, légumes verts sautés, huile d’olive bio « Clemente » 29000w
Grilled fish assortment with sautéed green vegetables, cooked with “Clemente” organic olive oil
생선 모듬 구이, 클레멘테 유기농 올리브유로 구운 그린 야채

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