I'm Hungry for Korean Food T-shirts!

We have made our first set of T-shirts that will help travelers and tourists find good Korean food. The t-shirts are in black and are drawn and designed by Heejeong who is a comic book artist and drew the first how to eat Korean food comic book in Korea. 
These shirts are designed to be fun and functional what I call "Icebreaker" shirts. They will help newbies in Korea find good eats in the city and get people talking about the food. They have fun icons with Korean lettering for the food terms so the shirts will definitely get people looking at you (hence icebreaker shirts). They are in full color and they come in black in L (100) XL (105) and XXL (105). Since these are the first set of shirts we have, we are giving them away at a promotional price. They will be delivered in Korea for $12 USD and $15 USD overseas. If you would like to pay via Korean bank transfer the information is below.

Overseas Delivery
Name/ Address

Korean Bank Transfer Information: If you would like to send payment in advance you can send us a bank transfer at Standard Chartered SC (제일은행) Choi Jia (최지아) 128-20-434974. The transfer code for Standard Chartered Bank is 023.

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