Quick Bites: US Embassy, Baum Kuchen and Cocktails

Last week was a good foodie week. Our cooking classes and tours have been busy so we have met people from all over the world. I even learned about the very dangerous world of Australia where there are drop bears and hoop snakes. I was even lucky enough to get invited to the US Ambassador Sung's House to welcome the California food exporters.

Other things I saw and ate this week were omija Makgeolli and chestnut Makgeolli at a good place in Insadong.

20120619-083326.jpg Sorry, I can't remember the name.

20120619-083503.jpg For a bakery story I was working on, I went over to Haru no Yuki. They had these Baum Kuchen things that were very expensive but also quite delicious. At 14,000 won the piranae was a coffee layered cake that was a bit dry but was good with whipped cream. I can appreciate the intricacy but I am not so sure about the taste.

20120619-084021.jpg Here are some of our food tour guests.

20120619-084119.jpg Here is a barley rice with doengjang stew I had for dinner one night.


20120619-084227.jpgIt was Dustin's Birthday on Saturday so we went out and we all drank too much. Apparently it is Korean tradition to smear cake on the birthday person's face and then lick it off. Hmmm... I didn't try it but others did.

20120619-084420.jpgI had a food tour all day Sunday and for dinner I had some ramen at Hakabunto Ramen in Hongdae. Monday I worked out a lot.


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