Photo Essay: Farm Visit to Boeun and Chicken Baeksuk

On the first day of Sambok, which marks the three hottest days of summer, I visited my mother's house in the country. On the hottest days in Korea, Koreans eat food that is nutritious and reinvigorating. Food that is able to fight the fatigue from the summer heat and to restart the taste for food (when it is very hot, some people don't feel like eating which could be bad for health). My mother made dakbaeksuk which is a boiled whole chicken with Ma, Ginseng, and other herbs.

My mother also was kind enough to give me the chicken leg (it's considered the most flavorful part of the chicken).

Because the food isn't heavily spiced. it has some whole cloves of garlic in it, most people will flavor it by adding some salt and some green onions.

With this meal we had some wonderful Daechu (Korean dates) Makgeolli.

Afterwards, we went for a walk in the country. It was totally muggy, but I loved the fresh air.

You should all visit the city of Boeun soon.


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