Trending Restaurants: Porchetta, B&Chae, and Funnel Cakes at Lotte World

There are so many restaurants that I want to check out, but my waistline won't let me yet. Here are some of the new ones on my shortlist and what some people have been saying about them. If you have been, leave us your thoughts in the comments.


This is a sandwich from Porcini in Kyungnidan. Carys who recently went there wrote, "New jerk chicken place in Kyungnidan was closed so went to Porchetta next door. Pretty good sandwiches." It is on the main drag on the same strip as Bao, the Concorde, and Toucan (a new jerk chicken place).

B & Chae is a new vegetarian buffet that just opened over by Seoul National University of Education exit 14. They look like they have a very healthy buffet style lunch for only 15,000 from 11-4:30 everyday. Looks pretty good.

Oh, and Justin got totally excited about funnel cakes over at Lotte World on the Seoul Eats Facebook Group.


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