Food Diary: Hongdae Food





20120830-233345.jpg Hongdae (Hongik Station) is youthful energy that is like a shaken bottle of champagne. Any second it could explode. When it does it just explodes into fun and excitement. This is the area where the wacky and the edgy trends start. They take a risk here and they could make it or not.

Some of my favorite recent finds include the Hello Kitty Cafe. I know it is cheesy and weird but everyone I have taken there has a blast. Just go there for kicks. The coffee isn't terrible nor are the desserts.

There is also Cat's Living which is like. Cafe but with 10 or so cats running around. It is gimmicky and cute but the place smells like kitty litter (gross). It is 8,000 won for entrance and this includes a free drink.

If you want real coffee head over to Coffee Lab. They roast some magic beans there.

Food there is Monster Pizza which sells pizza by the slice. The slices are big and are foldable. The sauce is good and the cheese is baked brown good. The only problem is that the crust is a bit doughy and dense. If this is improved this could be a very decent slice. (I am thinking maybe I should start a place to show others how it could be done.)


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