OMG: Oppa Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style has gone viral and gone epic. How do I know this? Well...when international guests from all over the world know about this video and we have long, funny conversations about what it all means. Recently on a food tour I had guests from the Philippines, USA, and Singapore that were not all K-pop crazy all started talking about this video. Wow...It has gone international. Two of my guests even picked a hotel in Gangnam because they heard the song.

The video is hilarious and the song is seriously catchy. Psy is totally the man. Now if you like videos like Gangnam style, you have to see JYP's Itaewon Freedom.

Now, for a reaction to Gangnam Style, you have to watch Eatyourkimchi's video.

Oh, and just because this is a food blog. This should get you hungry. They are pictures from Ajumma in Columbus, Ohio USA. She has a Korean food truck there. We were lucky enough to meet her when she came to Seoul and she took some cooking classes with us. The first one is bulgogi cheesesteak, then kimchi hotdog, and finally roast corn with Korean salt. Yum.

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