Wine Fest Invite to Try over 150 Wines and, oh, there is Cheese

Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

The Dragon Hill Lodge on the US Military base was so happy with the number of people who signed up for the LTB Summer Barbecue Party that they would like to invite us to their wine fest that will be on Saturday, September 1st from 2-5pm. It's going to be a tasting of over 150 different wines and they'll have a full buffet full of cheese, salamis, marinated artichokes, olives, pates and more. Here's the menu:

So, you'll get a tasting of over 150 wines and access to the full buffet for only $30 USD or 35,000 Korean won. Payment should be made in advance. Once you register, I will send payment information. Now getting on to the base is has some special requirements so keep in mind that when you come, you would have to bring your passport or Alien Registration Card. Also, Korean guests that would like to come they must bring their KID: Korean Identification Card. Your driver's license will not be accepted. DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS AUGUST 17th!

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