Bizarre Foods Korea Tour









20120902-103740.jpg With my job, everyday is an adventure. When my guests asked me for a custom tour that would take them to the underbelly of Korea and show them the really real Korea, I was like sure let's do it. My guest was coming with his family to Korea and he said that he wanted to go to some of the places the bizarre foods show starring Andrew Zimmerman. We first took a drive out to an O'nngi (Korean fermenting pots for kimchi and sauces) factory one of the last of its kind and we saw artisans making O'nngi in traditional fashion. Then we went to Seoil farms to see the pots in use to make all of the sauces and we had a full course lunch. The table was literally covered with the many dishes.

20120902-104402.jpg I explained all the different dishes and we enjoyed the very best Korean meal.

After this, my guest had a small request. He was adopted so he wanted to visit the orphanage he stayed at. We took a small excursion out to it.

To relax afterward we went to a charcoal sauna (the same one from bizarre foods) we first baked in the hot rooms. Some were so hot that you could only stay in maybe 30 seconds. We roasted some sweet potatoes on the outside grill and later we had charcoal roasted pork belly and ribs for dinner. The whole experience was outstanding and one I will have to add to our regular stable of tours and cooking experiences.


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