CLOSED Guest Review: Poutine Factory

This is a guest review by Wilfred Lee of the Artist Journey Facebook Group. Photo by Um Misong.

I've been searching for the best poutine in all of Korea. I remember my days in Canada going to a Harvey's restaurant and having them blow my mind with such a simple but 'me gusta' induced coma. Even Burger King in Canada had an awesome poutine! Hey, the gravy may not have been 'real gravy' and the cheese curds made the sound of wiping a window clean when you chew, but they were so vainglorious with their gracious portions of gravy and cheese, it was the perfect post party midnight munchie snack.

So when my girlfriend told me she found a 'Poutine Factory' by my gym (it's okay, I have one cheat day a week), I was a little worried she might have been mispronouncing a completely different word, but lo and behold there is was! Although they have a variety of poutines, we tried the classic one as the foundation to measure the other ones. They come in two sizes, regular (6,000won) and large (10,000won).

Regular being a pretty adequate size, we went with that. The gravy was pretty good, compared to other poutines i've had, (sometimes runny and a bit discolored, almost like fries inside a broth) and they use proper cheese curds (although they were more gracious with the amount of fries than the cheese.) One problem I had with the poutine is the fries, cheese and gravy ratio. That is THE true measure of a properly balanced poutine. (yes even junk food has to be properly balanced)

That being said, the Poutine Factory need to lessen the portion of the fries, spread that mother gravy all around the dish in concentric circles rather than just in the middle where it drains into a little creek. And live a little! Throw in some more cheese curds! When you are at the end of a monster poutine, and there is more fries left than gravy, you need to start making some serious changes. I would say at this point, New York fries is still reigning champion in Korea so far in the poutine department (unless Taco Bell made some amazing dorito poutine---!!).

That being said, I hope that PF really step their game up and experiment with the true harmony of the three essential pieces of the perfect poutine.

Contact information

I can't find it right now, but it is on the street near Craftworks down from Noksapyeong Station exit 2.

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