Food Diary: Time to straighten Out


20120927-095409.jpg Too many good food weeks are starting to catch with me. Sure, I have a bit of a weight issue but it is starting to become a lower back issue. All this sitting at a computer is starting to cause me lower back problems. My doctor also told me that I slouch like a crane and I lean my head forward like a turtle. He said this is what is causing my back muscles to be all tight. He says it is not really from stress. I mean do I really have that much stress in my life? Not really. I live a pretty charmed life.

So here are my current goals:

1) I am going to stand up straight.
2) I am going to sit up straight in my chair with my butt to the back of my chair.
3) I am not going to slouch (it makes me taller :)
4) I am going to cut down on my drinking. (This week, I have only drank once)
5) I am going to join a group exercise class like yoga or boxing (I belong to a gym, but it is boring).
6) I am going to document what I eat more so I will be better aware of it and I can make conscious efforts to make better food choices. (They say mind over body right?)

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