Comic: Dan Can Cook Steak


I think the best part about dating ( yes, folks, I am dating someone) is that you get to cook for someone and try to come up with dishes that will impress while... impressing the guest. Cooking for a date needs to have a time limit, a budget and a bit of a show. If you can work together to cook the meal it makes it even better. For my first meal for my date I made steak. I pan seared it with butter and then oven baked it. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and ground coffee (this will add a charcoal flavor to it). It only took about 10 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees but I could have done it for less for medium rare (mine came out medium well as suggested by my date).

I made some mashed sweet potatoes, a cucumber and carrot salad and orange and sesame spinach as sides. Overall it was a success, but next time I would make a pan sauce from the steak.


On another night I made oven roasted chicken with sweet potatoes (my date likes them a lot). I just seasoned the chicken with salt and garlic powder and then overhead the chicken with olive oil and baked at 220 Celsius for 25 minutes. It turned out well and the skin was crispy.

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