Gong Cha Black Bubble Tea



I am at Gong Cha at Young Plaza. They specialize in bubble tea and they are really popular in Singapore and Malaysia. They are sorta like the Starbucks of Bubble Tea. So if you like chewy teas made your way then this is the place to go. You get to pick out your type of tea, your ice level, type of filling, and sweetness level. It sounds complicated but it isn't so bad.

I got the black milk tea with half ice and 50% sweetness level. It came out in a nifty cup that was sealed on top. When you drink it the cup collapses a bit and then refills after.

The tea tasted good but I felt a bit jittery from the tea. I find I get this when tea is made too strong or of ...not the highest quality. It was refreshing though and I think I will do it again (with another tea) in the future.

Gong Cha
** (2 stars. Clean, efficient and customizable milk tea)

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 14 Namdaemunno 2(i)-ga





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