The Smell of Defeat Layaly Dubai Restaurant





It might just have been what I ordered or maybe the chef was having a bad day but the food I had over at Layaly Dubai was bland and without character. I ordered the Laheum azine under the recommendation of the very nice owner. It is like flatbread with curd cheese on one and minced seasoned lamb on the other.

The bread was like and I could see where the chef was going with the flavors. There were hints of cumin and lemon there but the lack of salt just didn't bring it out. The lentil soup was just thick and didn't look very appetizing. The taste was alright but this had too much salt. (It is nice to know they do have salt in the kitchen.)

The mayonnaise dip sauce for the Laheum azine was insulting (and looked poisonous).

The interior looks mismatched and gaudy. The place is new yet looks like it is 15 years old. It is nicely located but they don't serve alcohol so the balcony location goes to waste.

Anyway, the restaurant seems to be going through a rough spell and I think the place has potential and they just need to get some business to get them there. They should make the food better so people will talk about it. Folks, I can't say the food is awful. I was just expecting more flavor. Maybe I will give their dazine a try next time. Maybe.

Layaly Dubai
* (1 star out of 4)
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 586 Itaewon 2(i)-dong


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