Daily Eats: Korean Food

Breakfast: Pumpkin Porridge at Bonjuk
The orange pumpkin porridge is an excellent way to get your day started. It is filling and full of vitamins. Plus it tastes like warm pumpkin pie (sans the nutmeg and cinnamon). If you want something a bit more savory, they have beef and mushroom, red bean, and chicken and ginseng.
Address: All over Korea. One that opens for breakfast is in Insadong. Jongno-gu Gwanghoon-dong 155-1 2nd Floor +82 2 722 6288
Lunch: Buckwheat Noodles at Mijin Maemilguksu
This is one of the most famous buckwheat noodle shops in Seoul. The noodles here are silky yet with bite. The light soy broth that you flavor with ground turnip, onions, and dried seaweed add zip to the noodles and
Address: Jung-gu Euljiro 1-ga 24 bonji Ph# +82 2 732-1954
Dinner: Royal Court Cuisine at Yongsusan in Samcheongdong
A high-end, royal court cuisine restaurant that serves colorful cuisine in a sumptuous atmosphere. They offer Kaesong cuisine from the Koryo Dynasty so you’ll get a whole table of traditional dishes such as Royal Hotpot cooked in brass serving ware, meat and vegetable brochettes, beef marinated beef, grilled fish, delicate crepes with a variety of garnishes, and finished with tea and rice cake. It’s a meal for the eyes and body.
Cost: 30-100,000 a person.
Address: Jongn0-gu Samchung-dong 110-230 +82 2 739-5599
Dessert: L’Atelier Monique
Known for their creative approach to bread they bake chestnuts, salted red bean and scallion and cheese into their croissants. They make sour dough breads and brioche on site and his baguettes with glass-like crusts are exquisite.
Cost: 3-8000 won
Address: Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong Ph#: +82 2 549 9210


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