Guest Post: Monster Pizza in Hongdae

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This was written by Justin Davis on the Seoul Eat's Facebook Group page for which he is an administrator. It has been republished with permission. The group has 1740 members and it is a great resource for finding great eats in the city.

Monster Pizza in Hongdae

Located where Margarita Splash used to be, we decided to take a gamble on this little place last night...

It payed off. Slices were cheap, 3000 won each, and canned cola type beverages were only 1000. The slices were big and the sauces weren't insanely sweet. Added bonus, they had red pepper flakes sitting around for your enjoyment. (And enjoy I did!)

Located in Hongdae down from the park. Sorry. I can't find the address.


Comments from Seoul Eats Facebook Group

Mick Jones' was the only other place in the Hongdae district that I knew served pizza by the slice, and I've never been amazed by their quality. This place however, is worth a stop if you're in Hongdae and craving pizza.

Ji-Young Kim It real....
Wednesday at 11:59am · Like

Joe McPherson Looks enticing! More proof that Seoul's going through a bit of a pizza renaissance.
Wednesday at 12:24pm · Like · 1

Justin Davis I think you may be on to something, Joe. I forgot to mention that none of their pizza had corn.
Wednesday at 12:25pm · Like · 1

Andrew Smith I love the simplicity of this place. 3 kinds of pizza, 3000 a slice and it tastes GOOD. It is rammed late on Saturday nights, as you can imagine.
Wednesday at 2:19pm · Like · 1

Michele Hayward Does anyone know exactly where this is? I'm not familiar with Margarita Splash, and don't go to Hongdae much. Directions from the Frisbee/Apple store would be easiest. I need to head that way anyway, as I'm nearly out of Lush body wash.
Wednesday at 9:42pm · Like

Andrew Smith At the top of the hill with Frisbee on it turn right at the Uni and stay on the main road it's on your right less than 5 mins down
Wednesday at 9:45pm via mobile · Like · 1

Michele Hayward Thank you, Andrew.
Wednesday at 9:46pm · Like

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