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Written by jakemapstheseoul Pictures by One Chu

Visited October-November 2012

I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore café enthusiast but I have been to quite a number of them, many chain ones but also many independent places as well. Hailing from the coffee capital of America (Seattle), cafés are everywhere.

For me, the atmosphere is one of the most important aspects. I think the atmosphere is definitely an area where owners should want to focus on to make the customers feel welcome- whether they’re staying for a few minutes or grabbing cup to go. I think the café decor, arrangement of the seating area, lighting and the general surrounding should all be taken into consideration when creating the space.

For me, Music is important—my taste consists of a mix between old school, underground hip hop with soft jazz beats. I like a little bit of Nas, Jay Z, Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Gangstarr, Fugees (Refugee Camp), Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, etc… Play that and you got my business.

So, I’m here in Seoul and my friends wanted me to try out this place called ONE CHU located in Sinsadong in Gangnam. From what I initially heard, this place serves the Authentic Churros (not like your carnival kind) with a plethora of dipping sauces, a variety of Sangrias, and the most delicious HOT CHOCOLATE everrrrrr. They built up so much hype about this place that I was sold. So my friends and I went—-I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

From Sinchon to Sinsa: We transferred from Line 2 (Green) to Line 3 (Orange) on the Seoul Metro. Sinchon Station (Seongsu) > Euljiro 3-ga (transfer point) > Sinsa (Ogeum) which is relatively 30 minutes.

It was my first time in Sinsadong, and I find to be a very trendy area, a lot of upscale boutiques, coffee shops, and the streets full of young people who are fashionably dressed.

Anyways, when we got to ONE CHU, my first impression was definitely a positive one. The sign outside appealed to me, I thought this place was definitely my style. Sleek black letters in Old English font: “ONE CHU, the Real Churros”

We went in and were greeted by the workers, JOE especially who was the owner and executive chef at ONE CHU. My friends had already met him a while back the first time the went.

While a scoped out the menu, Jay Z was playingdefinitely my style.

My friend put in the order, We got the large order of churros with two dipping sauces (one sweet: butter scotch caramel and one savory: jalapeño salsa) and hot chocolate all around.

Our other friend opt in for a glass of the seasonal Sangria and ice cream.

This was more than your average café: of course they offered the coffee: Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso shots, Café Latte (all hot or iced) They also had other drinks on the menu too, like Lemonade and Iced tea.

Alcohol in a café is not new to me, but it is starting to get popular back in the states. ONE CHU offers signature sangrias in Red and White, and also a seasonal one. They also serve beer which would definitely be a great compliment to a serving of churros.

We got our large order of Churros out first, and like I said, they were not like your average carnival churros, these were authentic Spanish style knotted ones. They were amazing, the sweet and savory dipping sauces were superb. AND, they were made and fried fresh! They weren’t sitting under a hot lamp, these were FRESH out of the fryer. So, they were hot, crispy and soft at first bite. NOMS! Heck, everything here is made fresh! The churro dough, the sauces, the sangrias, etc.

Then Joe, brought out the hot chocolate: I had to brace myself because 1) I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE,  and 2) There was just so much hype about, I was so exited.

I took and sip and I JUST DIED! Angels were singing and I was born again, the taste of this hot chocolate is AMAZING, it kills Starbucks Signature. Their hot chocolate got nothing on Joe’s recipe. Did it live up to the hype? HELL YEAH it did! When I took the sip, the flavor and warmth hits the spot, traveling down to my heart! ohhhhh~ so creamy and delightful.

ONE CHU was such a chill place, the menu, the music and the people working there—-CHILL. It was my first visit, but not my last. To be honest, after the first time—-I went again the next week after.

So if you’re ever in Gangnam in the Sinsadong area—-no wait if you’re ever in KOREA, hit up ONE CHU, it's off the main road Garosugil.

This place definitely does not disappoint, the HOT CHOCOLATE IS AMAZEEEEEEE! I can’t explain with just words, you have to just go and try it for yourself. Authentic Spanish style churros—where else in Seoul can you find them? SANGRIA, delish.

Joe is even putting in some holiday flavor with EGG NOG! ahhh! we got to sample it and it tasted like CHRISTMAS!

YO, Microphone check ONE CHU, what is this?

check it out:

Sinsa-dong 551-1, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea 135-890

Closed Mondays, Open Tuesday-Sunday 1pm-11pm

Price: " $ Under 10 USD

Rating: ***** 5 Stars: One of the finest eats in the city of Seoul (and possibly the world)

One Chu "ONE CHU
Sinsa-dong 551-1, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea 135-890"

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