Quick Bites: It has been a Spicy Week







This has been another fun week in food. I have eaten too much, met too many interesting people and ate quite a bit of red chili in the form of powder and paste. Our food tours are still running these days despite the cold. I have met fun groups from Australia, Canada and Singapore this week. We took them to Mount Seoraksan and to see the show Nanta.

So what have I been eating? One of the best places this week has been my revisit to grandmother's Nakji. They serve up some very spicy squid. It is an endorphin kick on a plate. Once you start eating you'll feel a slight burn that will build and build.

I went to Saemaul Sikdang for some barbecue as part of our Gangam-style tour. This was pretty kickass. They have great sauce for their chadol (sliced pork).

Noryangjin was also fun because we had a seafood feast with various seafoods, live octopus, broiled fish, fried oysters and more.

A good food week. Now I just need to exercise.


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