Too Much Concept, Not enough Taste: Dal.komm Coffee Review





I heard that Dal.Komm Coffee was supposed to be the cafe of the future. I heard they had iPads for you to check out free of charge with your coffee, fast wifi, great music and sound. It is supposed to be the cool new place to be.

However, it is just a lousy cafe hiding behind a facade of a great idea. The concept is quite confusing and the vacuous space in Hongdae is so noisy that the tunes you are supposed to be able to hear are muffled over. Also the levels of the sound from song to song are different so they must be using mp3's rather than high quality CDs or even high quality downloads.

Oh, and the coffee? Blah. You can choose three levels of coffee K1: mild, K2: Rich, K3: Deep. Yeah, the gimmick was too much of a gimmick. The mild tasted like water and it wasn't "well balanced and sweet nutty" as promised. I got the coffee cube: coffee ice cubes in a latte drink. A tad too sweet and the ice doesn't melt fast enough to be enjoyed properly (they should have made the ice cubes smaller). Oh, the melted ice cube coffee just tastes bitter.

Sigh...It is quite apparent this is a cafe that is looking to have people franchise it out. In a country with way too many cafes, I hope it will not. Well, compared to Cafe Bene it is better, but I hope is that small independent cafe owners will be able to convince people they can offer better service and coffee.

Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 359
Hongdae: across from Free Park

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