Two Hands Burger: Decent Burgers in Haebangchon

So I used to go to this place when it was called Le Vert which was known for their brunch. They have refocused themselves and now focus on burgers, but they do have other items on their menu. The new place is called, Two Hands Burger.

Yep, it place is aptly named because you do need two hands to eat these burgers. At first grab the burger juices, condiments and maybe egg yolk (or chili) ooze out as you take a bite. The patties are chargrilled, the buns are whole wheat and toasted, and the fillings piled just right. I recommend their mushroom burger that has plenty of mushrooms and cheese and their Le Vert Burger which has bacon, egg, cheese, veggies and burger. Their seasoned fries make a nice accompaniment (that and a beer).

The atmosphere is quaint and service is fine. They have a decent beer selection as well. This place has good comfort food at decent prices. If you are in the neighborhood, you should check it out.

Yongsan-gu Yongsan-dong-2-ga 45-10



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