What can you expect to see in 10 days in Korea?







All this and more. In December, Our Korea Travel Team at Delectable Travels was lucky enough to take two ladies, Kim and Jan, on a 10-day cultural and culinary tour of Korea. These ladies were discerning and well-traveled. They were looking for a trip that was culturally insightful, exciting, spiritual, and would show them the real Korea from the time they landed until they left. One lady was focused more on the culinary aspects of Korea and the other more the spiritual. Our team worked hard to take the, on a whirlwind journey of Korea.

To give you a glimpse of what we did here is a diary write up I did for them from our time from Busan.

We took the bus from Andong to Busan and arrived in Nopodong. We then checked in at Ibis Hotel and then went over to Tong Market where we tried a variety if different street foods such as dried squid (marun ojingo), chicken on a stick (dak gochi), candied fruit, and tornado potatoe. We then went to Art Box to do a bit of shopping before heading over to Jalgalchi Market to see the people selling the day's catch. We then visited Taejongdae Lighthouse. Afterwards we went over to the beach to have grilled shellfish.

The next day we went to a traditional market to have a breakfast of black pudding hangover soup (twegi sunji haejangguk), banquet noodles (chanchi guksu) and pumpkin porridge (hobak juk). Later we went to Starbucks for coffee before departing Busan for Gyeongju on the KTX super fast train.

Once we arrived in Gyeongju we met Mr. Ahn who drove us to Golgusa Temple. Before arriving at the temple we had some pork dumplings at a car stop.

At the temple we had lunch before checking in and then going to see a Sunmudo demonstration and learning about meditation. Afterwards we had dinner and then went to orientation. In the evening there was an evening meditation and then we did Sunmudo training.

In the morning we woke up at 4am and went to morning chant at Golgusa Temple. At 6 we met our driver and came to meet us. At the train station we got apple cinnamon pretzel and a tortilla pizza that had chicken and cheese and tomato sauce. We are now on our way to Seoul to go back to Fraser Suites and then have lunch at contemporary restaurant jungsikdang. Thank you for choosing to travel with us

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