Galbijjim at Gangnam Myeonok


So, I got a letter from Steve who is visting Seoul:


Love the blog. Thanks so much. So I'm visiting Seoul and I need a recommendation for Kalbijim. Do you have a favorite place?


Hi Steve, thanks for reading the blog and sure I do. Here it is.


Gangnam Myeonok

Galbijjim has become one of those ubiquitous dishes that show up everywhere. The appearance of this at an event signified that this was truly a special occasion. It must have something to do with the slowly braised ribs in a seasoned soy/sesame marinade. One of the reason it is special is the rare and expensive ingredients: beef ribs. The second reason is the time it takes to make this dish. One of the best places to get this is at Gangnam Myeonok. Here the galbijjim is cooked so finely that it literally melts off the bone and becomes delicious savoriness in your mouth. The sauce is incredible. It is a soy-sesame beef gravy that has a hint of sweetness. This dish pairs well with their homemade kimchis and their beef broth soup. You’ll be eating every bit of the beef and then you’ll be using your rice to sop up all the sauce.


Gangnam Myeonok 강남면옥

Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 588-9 강남구신사동 588-9

02-3446-5539 (+82 2 3446-5539)

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