Lunch at Stone Pot Kitchen



20130309-123441.jpg This is a new bibimbap concept restaurant in the Yongsan Station shopping complex by the Cgv theatre. It is an upscale take with bibimbap starting at 10,900 won. You get rice cake to start and a minimal number of banchan (3). The interior is stylish with good lighting and music. It has a bit of Japanese flair.

The rice bowls come out in a hot bowl places in a wood box. The Nakji bibimbap is nothing world changing. It is the same type of bibimbap you would get but they put the octopus in a fried flower bowl. The taste is good. A tad spicy and it has the regular veggies like bean sprouts, bracken carrots etc

The soba salad is quite good. We hot the large (11,900). The taste is refreshing with a bit of hear from the wasabi soy dressing. The meat was juicy and well marinated as well for being so thin. The salad with iceberg lettuce, celery leaves, and cilantro was a nice touch. Oh, just to note. The large 대 is not super big, I would recommend that if you are having a meal.

Overall, good concept and fairly good execution. It's pretty much like Bibigo with a new name.

Stone Pot Kitchen
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 338 Hangangno 2(i)-ga



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