Sunday Date: Hong Kong Noodles and Artful Panini's

It was a good Sunday and I did a bit of exploring with my friend.

Cheonki Myeongga

We started the day at Cheonki Myeongga in Itaewon for some Hong Kong Style Lomein and Wonton Soup.  The shrimp they used in the wonton soup (large for 9,000 won) were fresh made and the dumpling skin was silky. What I liked most about the restaurant were the noodles. They were the thin egg noodles that didn't get soggy in the broth. We also ordered the spicy pork lomein. The noodles went well with the spicy and sweet pork. We ordered the combo meal with dumplings (9,500 won).

For directions


용산구 이태원동 128-4 (해밀턴호텔 삼거리), 서울

Ramen / Noodle House (Edit)

We then headed to Pyeongchangdong to Ganada Art Center to see their latest exhibition. It was a nice collection of classic and modern Korean. One of the coolest things we saw there was a large lion statue constructed entirely of old tires.

Ganada Art Center

가나아트센터 (Gana Art Gallery)

평창동 97, 종로구, 서울특별시


For dinner we stayed in the Pyeongchangdong area and found the very charming and beautifully located, Cafe KIMI. It has a gallery on the first floor and on the 2nd is a nice cafe that serves brunch, coffee, and dessert. We ordered the Panini combo (16,500 won) which came with an Americano. The Panini was baked white bread that had ham, tomato sauce and cheese inside. It was nicely melted inside. The salad that came with it was fresh and of good quality. I really liked the mix of Yuza (Korean citron) and balsamic along with brie cheese. It was a fine little cafe and I would go back for the food and the view.

Cafe Di KIMI

Café (Edit)

It was a good weekend.

Also, my schedule keeps me quite busy these days so I haven't been able to blog much. If you would like to see where I go, you can follow me on Foursquare where I post many of the restaurants with short snippets. Foursquare



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