Samcheongdong: Heaven on Top

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In search of a good luncheon spot I meandered over to the stylish Samcheongdong area. My agenda was to find: a good date spot that had a good lunch selection and had good coffee so my girlfriend and I could eat and then go back to work reenergized. Heaven on Top almost fits the criteria. The cafe/restaurant is well-lit, modern, and upscale with its marble tables. It has British-flare with their fine selection of teas and fine porcelain tea pots and cups. The restaurant offers brunch food, sandwiches, salads and desserts. The breads and desserts are made in house and the carrot cake is one of the best ones I have had with its rich, thick and sweet cream cheese icing to go along with the spiced layers of cake. For the food menu, their ricotta cheese blueberry cheesecake is more like a stuffed turnover. The pancake is very plush filled with a good amount of cheese and blueberries. To accompany the pancake were 2 slices of bacon, some scrambled egg and a yogurt topped with granola. Also, if you come in before 1pm on weekdays you also get a coffee included. For only 13,500 for all this is a good deal- especially in the Samcheongdong area. We also ordered their grilled cheese sandwich which came on a light-yet-thick foccaccia bread with an herbed mayonnaise, rucola lettuce and roasted tomato. There were two cheeses on the sandwich: one, a melted emmental and the other (sadly) a yellow, processed cheese slice. Well, I guess for 8,500 won, it was ok. My one other problem with this place is the speed of service. It took almost 35 minutes to get the food, so I couldn't leisurely enjoy the experience. Hopefully this will improve. Overall, I think Heaven on Top is a great dining choice. The food is creative and well prepared.

Heaven on Top
1 star (out of 4)
Jongno-gu Samcheong-dong 35-251
Ph#: 02-722-2510
Hours: 11am-11pm
Price: 6,000-20,000 a person

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