Impending Chuseok

Chuseok is coming and that means there are a lot of food gift sets going on sale. I think it is great that Koreans are so practical. I mean seriously, how many scented candles and wine decanters does one need? I had a house warming party where I got 3 wine decanters on the same night. (I guess people think I must really enjoy red wine.)

I think the food gift sets are great things. I love the ornate boxes of seaweed, apples, pears, and fruit baskets. Oh, and you have to love the Spam gift sets. 

The colorful food gift sets have their origins in the harvest festival as part of the ancestor memorial service. People would lay out the food in the center of their households to commemorate the memory of their ancestors. Colorful and various foods were important to let ancestors know that your family was doing well. 

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