Into the Chuseok Fire

It is the first time I will be traveling on Chuseok day to my mother's house in Boeun. It is going to be far and I think pretty painful because I heard that that traffic is terrible. People going to Busan by car had to travel 10 hours to get there. It usually takes 3 hours to get to my mother's house but they will try and go around the traffic. I hope to get to my mother's house by 1pm. 

Sadly, I won't be able to stay long this time. I have a lot of responsibilities back at home and there are a ton of email to answer. I wish my mother didn't live so far away. 

This is an important day for me because my mother will meet my fiancé. We are planning on getting married next January. I am looking forward to it but I realize I really have to change. For my fiancé I am willing to change. I hope my mother approves of my future wife and adores her as much as I do. 

Well because of the Internet, I can work anywhere. Time to put a dent in all those emails. 

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