I am a whorder. I figured this out when I moved last week. It took me about 1 week to throw away all my junk and a team of 3 people to come to clean out the apartment and throw everything away. It was shameful. Seriously shameful. My fiance said that when we start our lives together that she is going to throw everything away. I have already started doing that and I have thrown away a great bulk of stuff. In my new place I have mainly a desk and I have a floor mat for sleeping. I have some medicine and stuff that I saved from the old place, but it is mainly all gone.

I think the next step is get my life really in order because the thing I trashed the most were clothes. Clothes I bought ages ago in hopes that I would lose weight enough to wear them again. Yeah...well, I am going to exercise more and I am going to climb up stairs when I can, but I need to be realistic and I need to find a diet that will work for me.

Oh, tangent. Writing on the blogger platform is quite liberating. It is much faster than writing on wordpress which hangs for ages. I might consider switching back soon. I'm thinking of a strategy.


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