Noryangjin Fish Market and Melon Bingsu

Today was a good food day. I was joined by some friends from Singapore so we did a bit of food exploring and eating. First stop was at noryangjin fish market to eat the best of the  sea. Since it was raining today the market wasn't so crowded. Koreans have a superstition about the rain and seafood. The belief is that the seafood at the market isn't as fresh on rainy days. Sure that was the case long ago when fishermen wouldn't venture out when it rained but it is not the case these days. 
As you can see, all was fresh and was swimming not long before we had it cooked. The best of the market these days is the yellowtail and the flower crabs. We had the crabs made into a soup and the yellowtail braised in a garlic chili sauce. 

We finished the meal with a dessert of melon patbingsu. It was a good food day. 

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