Review: The Abomination of what they call a meal at Kofoo

Oh, Korea, you know that I love you. I love the down-home, authentic Korean food you serve. I love how you will share the whole gamut of flavors and cooking techniques in a single meal. 

When you make Korean Food. 

Yeah. Korean food in Korea is great. I mean really great. Sometimes other cuisines, not so much. 

Korea, I would like to talk about the abomination of the meal that I had at Kofoo food. I should have suspected it as going to be bad when I discovered that the name of the place meant, "Korean Food" yet they served Italian. Korea, I would also like to state that I wanted to eat soup and rice like a good Korean, but my wife wanted Italian (in retrospect, I will try to make the dish at home because I don't need to pay 20,000 for a pasta unless it is fresh made and has gold flakes and stuff). 

Anyway, so my wife ordered the vongole that was overly salty but did have nice clams (I think they over salted the water and then added more salt before service). I ordered the special pizza because it said on the menu that it was a hit and because I wasn't so hungry. 

What I got was an epic fail of a pizza. It was a squid ink crust that was cute in color but didn't add any flavor. It also didn't add to the crust which was dry outside and soggy in the middle. The pizza had 4 different flavored sections. One was a classic tomato margarita (which was ok, except that greasy cheese seeped all into the crust and made the whole mess like throw up). Another section had bleu cheese and almonds and honey. Actually this wasn't so bad because it didn't have a ton of sauce so the crust was actually a tad crispy. Another section had some beef that was covered in a sticky stick balsamic and tasted like baked raisins and the last section had cheese and ribbons of sweet potato paste. The sweet potato paste was good but It made the whole thing so heavy it was impossible to eat. 

Oh, I also ordered some red wine that tasted like burning. 

Korea, maybe you think Kofoo Plate is a good place, I have to disagree. 

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