Story: How I became a 35 year old Dishwasher

The first job I had when I was 15 years old was as a dishwasher at a pancake restaurant. Since then I have run a catering business, been a barista and a bartender. I have worked as a teacher, a marketer and a business owner. So at 35 why am I washing dishes?

I don't know really, but I can tell you washing dishes does give perspective. I am not better than my employees nor my cook. I am the same and I do what needs to be done as part of a team. Sure, that is what I tell myself. But seriously, why am I washing dishes? In my time I have also built several successful businesses for my employers and now I am the main owner of this somewhat successful pizza shop.

I guess it is because it needs to get done. If I can do this well then I can do other things well and hopefully people will respect me. The dishes keep on coming though and I am like, "haven't I made it yet?" I started the restaurant because I wanted to try it. The business plan seemed right and I had the extra money to do it. I felt I was young and I wanted some new challenges. This was my first job after all. 

I wonder if I am better at it than in my youth? I am sure not faster and the longer I stand on my feet, the more my back aches. Where is the glory and the fun and the comradely you see in movies about working in bars? Those moments do come as well but not when you are in the shit. Tonight we are in the shit as more and more people pour in and demand beer and other stuff. I would rather be up front but someone already had it and the dishes are the main thing that needs to get done. 

Oh well, I will finish them all and then start clearing tables. I will ask guests how everything was and then go back to my station. Who cares what they think. This is the hospitality industry. I hope everyone enjoys their clean plates and glasses.

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