Bulldogs: British Bangers and Pub

I was recently invited to Bulldogs which is a new British pub that is serving creative bangers and pub fare  in Itaewon. This is another restaurant addition to the street across from the Hamilton Hotel. This street is really hopping these days as restauranteurs are trying to get away from the high rents of the Main Street.

Entering the place you are greeted by a giant chrome bulldog in a cage and portraits of famous Britains like the Queen and Sean Connery. The place has a urban, London feel to it and it is well lit and spacious. My friend Jason and I were greeted by the owner, Tom, who said he wanted to bring a bit of London to Seoul.

We started with some beers. They have Platinum on tap here and according to my beer snob friend, ’It's not all that great. They tend to have a metallic tinge.(7,000 won)’ I was glad I went with the ginormous Pimms cocktail (12,500 won) which came in a jar too heavy to lift. The gin infused concoction had orange slices, mint, and cucumber which made it quite refreshing. I thought it was a bit light though. You would think after drinking a giant cocktail, I would be a bit buzzed.

We started with some salt and vinegar popcorn. Lovely snack. This went great with the drinks as well. Then came the bangers. We got an assortment. The kimchi bangers were good. The tart kimchi on the savory hotdog was a good combo. The slumdog millionaire dog was interesting since it had some curry, yogurt and a chutney.  Interesting but I can't say my favorite. The star was the mash potato banger: hotdog topped with mash potato and gravy and fried onions. It spoke to my inner child and made him smile. Yummy stuff.

We also got a seafood plate which was decent. It has an assortment of shrimp, mussels wrapped with bacon, fried oysters and some squid. It is nice that this pub isn't just doing fish n chips like every other pub.

Overall, a great pub to hang out with friends to get some decent grub.

Bulldogs is located at 2F 116 Bogwang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Go to Itaewon station and walk out of exit 3. Go down the street across from Hamilton Hotel. Go straight past Taco bell, its a few doors down on the left on the second floor. Call 02-6248-2998 or check out their facebook page for more information.

Sun-Thur 11.30am-11.00pm
Fri-Sat 11.30am – 12am
’Closed Mondays

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