Hot Issue: Dirty Intestine problem in Korea

One of the hot issues in Korea is how restaurants have been serving unclean gopchang or pig intestines. The food inspection bureau found out that many of the restaurants were not properly cleaning the intestines so there was an excess amount of fecal matter in the food. 

The food inspection bureau inspected 25 restaurants but 18 of them failed the cleanliness test. 

Another issue is that a group selling site "wemakeprice" sold coupons for many gopchang restaurants and many a very customers are demanding a refund. 

Pig intestines although cheap require lots of soaking and scrubbing to properly clean. Restaurants were skipping repeated cleanings so they could cut down on labor costs. 

If you pass by a pork intestine barbecue place and you see a notice, it's to prove that they were tested and the place is clean. 

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